Your bridal dance doesn’t have to be an awkward moment of shuffling across the dance floor, it can be a lot of fun! It could be an elegant waltz, sexy samba, raunchy rumba or even a rock ’n’ roll number.

Whatever you choose Margo will make the dance match your mood, your style, your dress, your wedding. The choice is yours and it’s all so easy once you know how. Let Margo give you the confidence and poise to take to the floor with a flourish. Mesmerise your guests with your self-assurance and create a special moment to be captured on video for years of enjoyment.

Margo will come and teach you in the privacy of your home, keeping the secret until your wedding day.

Talk to Margo to make a booking or for more information call

01202 940957 or 07977 597983
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Claire and Allan kindly consented to me publishing a photo and explaining their experience

wedding 065

Photo by Neville Dawson

Claire’s comments:

“I decided (I’m not going to say we!) that I would like to get some dance lessons because I wanted to do justice to my dress! Allan is famous for “not dancing”

Margo had taught us the moves in sections, and we videoed each of us dancing with Margo so we could refresh our memories when practising between lessons. We had around 8 lessons, ending with some in a local church hall so we could get a better idea of the space we had.

The great thing about Margo is she comes to the house – so we didn’t have to embarrass ourselves in a class!”

Further photos from the official Wedding Photograper
Archibald Photography